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Dragon Ball Z MUGEN edition 2

Dragon Ball Z MUGEN edition 2 Description

Game Description

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Dragon Ball Z MUGEN edition 2 screenshot
Dragon Ball Z MUGEN edition 2 adventures Game .In that famous animated series, the universe debates between the forces of good and the forces of evil in great battles.n “Dragon Ball Z MUGEN edition 2″, you and/or a friend can transform yourself/s into one of these 27 (4 hidden) chatacters: Goku SSJ2, Goku Normal HD, Son Gohan, Mystic Gohan, Yamcha, Piccolo, Normal Trunks, Future Trunks, Chibi Trunks, Vegata Normal 2, Majin Vegata, Kuririn, Androide 18, Kaio Shin, Mr. Satan, Mestre Kame, Cell Junior, Recoom, Raditz, Zarbom, Freeza, Cell and Mr. Boo. The hidden characters are Vegata SSJ4, Pan, Broli, and Goku SSJ4. Some of these characters even have their own special ability. There are also 61 colorful stages (backdrops) from which to choose!

Arrow Keys= Highlight
a, s, d, z, x, c, v= Select
Esc= Previous Menu

Controls During Game Play: (Single Player)
Left/Right Arrows= Move Left/Right
Up/Down Arrows    = Jump/Kneel
Pause    = Pause
F12    = Screen Shot
Space    = Restores full life and power to all players

The following keys are used to provide an offensive blow to the opponent which is usually kicking or hitting:
a, s, d, z, x, c, v

Pause Key During Training Mode = Options Menu for Training Dummy







License :



Win 98,2000,Me,Windows Xp


M.U.G.E.N – Electbyte


31,2 MB

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